Saturday, September 24, 2011

wants and in a van. Storage. Storage. Where do I put it all. I kind of cleaned out the van the other day and took a look at everything that I have been carrying around. Most of it needs to be in the van but there were a few things that I really didn't need. I carry a lot of camping gear......some I use...a bunch I don't. I just put a bunch of stuff in the storage unit (more on that later) but here is what is left....

3 big dry-bags (I only need one for a laundry bag)
1 pelican case (empty)
small dutch oven (never use it)
1 bag of tarps and poles (almost never use them)
1 small cheap dry-box (actually holding some epoxy and adhesives)
1 large duffel full of cold weather clothes (some of these I need)

This is all extra. Here are my storage places....

1. Under bed. Lots of room
2. New Closet. Hanging clothes on top and three plastic drawers on the bottom
3. In-Door cut-outs. A little space in these. used for small miscellanious items
4. Kitchen pantry. Pretty good sized for dry foods and canned goods
5. Silverware Drawer
6. Some room on top of the stove
7. Some room under the sink
8. Empty spot where the passenger seat used to be
9. small slot in bulkhead above bed
10. Small storage ottoman

That's it. I need to pack it all in these spots .......and nice. My biggest problem is wet clothes. I work on the river in the summer and bathing suits get funky quickly. I have tried rinsing and hanging them but.....well, funky. Wet clothes end up laying on the floor and then the clutter begins. I think a mesh bag on the roof is the answer for that....

I need to build a seat/storage area where the passenger seat used to be. That can hold the deep cycle battery and maybe pots and pans etc. Under the bed I can put extra clothes, tool bag, and the outside living set-up (more on that later).

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