Thursday, January 5, 2012

OK.......some news. Finally

I have neglected this blog....mostly because I am focused on making my new tiny home livable. I went to Cincinnati to sell trees for the Christmas season. It is a 6 1/2 hour ride and the van did great although the steering column seems to be getting looser. I took a look and found that it is also cracked and will have to be welded or replaced. It will have to wait. I am focused on making my shack nice for the winter....

The dual battery setup is working flawlessly and the fridge is working like a champ. I have been keeping some essentials in it even though I have a full size fridge in the outpost where I am parked. I pulled the bedding and mattress foam out of the van and I am using in my new "house". The van has become transportation and a giant closet. It is nice being able to stretch out but I do miss the cozy-ness of the van (not that my 128 square foot home is much bigger!) If I can find a nice spot for my house nest summer I think I will buy a small gas saver car and use the van for just camping. I am going to keep it though, you never know when you need a home on wheels.

My new job is going.......well? It is a new type of work for me and I am left on my own mostly so it is hard to gauge progress but I like it and hope that I can make a career of it. If so, I will be able to work from anywhere in the world!!!! Until then I am trying like hell (If anyone reading this knows any maintenance managers in the waste industry, please have them email me!!!! ;).

That's it. Nothing exciting. Pleas check out my other blog which I have been devoting a little more time to lately.

Travel Well,