Saturday, September 24, 2011

.....and more repairs. And new Blackout Curtains the vandaminium is back in the shop and I am couch surfing again. I am having a new water pump installed and hopefully having the charging system fixed. My alternator has been overcharging since a bad short-out. The alternator was putting out close to 17 volts......way too high. Hopefully it is the voltage regulator. I installed new rear and side curtains the other day. They were cheap and easy from the dollar store. here is a shopping list with approximate costs...

. Black Polyester Black Out Panel 10$
. 2 extandeble curtain rods 3$
. 1 can black spray paint 1.5$
. Lighter (had)
. Shallow sheet metal screws

The black out curtain was long enough to cut in half and use for two windows. I singed the bottom with a lighter to prevent fraying. I screwed the rear curtain rod into the plastic cover for the rear air conditioner. The curtain has a simple pocket for the rod which is better than tabs because the top edge stays tight to the ceiling allowing no light to pass. The side doors were done the same although this time I spray painted the curtain rod black for aesthetics. the cheap curtains do a pretty good job of keeping light out and in. If the van is parked on a marginally lighted street the outside glare on the windows would likely make all but the brightest light from the inside invisible. It greatly reduces sunlight coming in (but not completely). I may still tint the rear and side windows for added stealthy-ness.

That's all for now...... I will keep you posted on the van repairs.

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