Tuesday, September 27, 2011

....the river rises.

.....so the last month or so of rafting has been tough. After a season of relatively easy water levels the river dropped and really sucked the fun out of what I do. It's not really that much harder to paddle low water but it sure does change the dynamic with the customers. They simply do not have as much fun with the river which makes the guides have to work harder to be more entertaining. It just became a lot of work. Well last week the mighty river rose to 4000cfs (cubic feet per second). To put that in perspective, the last trip I did before that the river was at 680cfs. It wasn't high water but it was at least water and and it certainly rejuvenated me. The next day the river was back to 2000cfs and I am not sure where it is now but still up over a thousand. That is a nice little kick at the end of season. I have also been getting some "Trip Leader" trips which helps out. It's a little extra money but more importantly I can work on a one boat trip. There are a lot of hungry raft guides out there right now and I am trying to keep my (and Sho's) bellies full.

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