Monday, September 26, 2011 water pump and alternator and belts and.....

I picked up the van yesterday and have been doing some test driving.Everything seems good. My mechanic installed a new water pump and alternator. He also replaced all of the belts up front and the voltage regulator. All for 175$ in labor ! The charging system seems to be doing great although I might have installed a better, higher amperage alternator. My alternator must have gone when I had a short a few weeks ago. The diode pack blew and even though the alternator was still working it was overcharging. This would have eventually destroyed both batteries. The short was where I fed the cable from my battery isolator to my extra battery passed through the metal firewall. The rough edge cut into the cable and ....POOF! The charging system is working now as are the gauges which started acting funny after the short. My spare battery is charging again so the fridge is back on line. I re-wired the fridge and the sink and hooked the little solar panel up to the spare battery and everything seems to be OK.

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