Saturday, October 20, 2012

little Van update...

I have spreading my time between the van and working on my tiny house of late and have been neglecting this little blog. The van is still going although it is time to re-think how it is being utilized. It is still set up as an RV but lately I have been thinking about taking out the kitchen to use in my tiny house. I have not been camping in the van in awhile and I could really save some money by using the kit from the van. I have also been knocking around the idea of selling the van since the cabin seems to be where I am going to make my home now.
  I have done some projects which are kind of universal to the van and house....I recycled a used fuel pump into a 12v pump for the Zodi shower. It has increased output and can be hooked up to the van battery instead of the little 6v battery pack that came with the shower. This is working as my house shower now but would be a great conversion for someone who is using a Zodi in a van.

  I also mad a 12v extension cord which is my main source of power in the tiny house, running of the van's deep cycle. I fashioned the cable out of an old extension cord, a pair of alligator clips recycled from a set jumper cables and a three socket 12v plug-in thingy. The battery in the van charges while I'm driving around and when I get home I plug the house into the deep cycle for my lights, DVD and fan. at some point I will add a solar or micro-hydro system for the house but for now, this system is working great.

well, that is all for now.

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