Thursday, March 29, 2012

Excited for summer... has been a while. I have been making a go of my new career (just eeking out an existance) and noe raft season is back. Hopefully my spirits will lift as I have been down in the dumps lately. Work has stalled on my tiny house. I need to move it and find a somewhat permenant spot for it. it will have to be done soon as it is sitting in the parking lot of the raft company. It was easy living this winter since it was so mild. I did not use much propane or wood so that was a bonus....

I camped in the Vandaminium for the first time in a long time the other night. For the last few months the van has become a catch all of clutter from the shack and I really noticed it when I tried to do a camp out. Today I am dedicating to the van. There a re a few things to be fixed...namely my winshield wipers that quit working. I will also tackle the stereo system which does not seem to be getting enough juice. I am going to re-route the power to my spare battery and hope that it will stay on. I also need to re attach the front speakers.

Inside, I am going to clean and reorganize. I really want the van to be ready for some adventures as I have been stuck in the parking lot for three months and I am feeling the itch to travel a bit. Last night I went grocery shopping and stocked up the pantry so I can jump at a moments notice and hit the road.

Other than this wiper and stereo the van is doing OK. I am still having some steering issues and I need to address them but all in all it is running pretty good. OK. I am getting to work.....after this cup of coffee.

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